Many Innovations Have Started On The Back of A Bar Napkin

TCNewTech will devote their May event to Bar Napkin pitches!

TCNewTech is calling all innovators, inventors, and out-of-the-box thinkers to pitch their “bar napkin ideas” for a chance to win a $500 cash prize provided by Josh Hart, Commercial Insurance Manager with Burns-Wilcox Insurance. The Bar Napkin Idea Pitch event will be the focus of TCNewTech’s monthly event at the City Opera House on May 3rd. Typically the ideas presented are already in the works, and well on their way to becoming reality. But for those maybe-great, early-stage, this-might-be-crazy-but-I’m-considering-it-anyway ideas — they host a Bar Napkin Pitch Night! The event begins with networking at 5:30pm followed by the one-minute bar napkin presentations, public service announcements, and a Quick Tip Educational Minute from Halle Simpson. The in-person event will also be broadcast live on TCNewTech’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels.

Many successful ideas were born on the back of a cocktail napkin; like Southwest Airlines, Oprah’s Media Empire, NASCAR’s point system, and the font on your credit cards. Inspiration can come at the most inopportune times and many ideas have been sketched out on a bar napkin over drinks with friends. So twice a year, TCNewTech encourages inventors, innovators, and out-of-the-box thinkers to dust off those ideas and bring them to the stage for a one minute pitch. Past ideas have included an app that automatically silences your phone so you don’t forget to, a video search engine, and a sustainable alternative to cemeteries.

In most cases, an idea scribbled on a bar napkin is a spur of the moment flash of inspiration triggered by a conversation. These ideas usually start out rudimentary in nature, and form the basis for a detailed approach at a later stage. The rules for competing in TCNewTech’s Bar Napkin Pitch are simple, anyone with a product, service or idea can apply to pitch. You get one slide and one-minute (60-seconds) to pitch your idea. After everyone has pitched the audience will vote for the idea they think will most likely succeed to win the pitch prize will be provided by Burns & Wilcox Insurance.

The May 3rd event runs the gamut from ideas based on augmented reality to an app for musicians and a platform for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to quickly share as many novel ideas as possible and help the presenters connect with people that can help make those ideas a reality.” – Jennifer Szunko, TCNewTech Executive Director.

 If you have an idea for an invention, mobile app, hardware or a new application for an existing technology or a community service project that you think could use some kind of technology to give it an edge, here’s your opportunity to connect with the TCNewTech audience. Complete the short application on the TCNewTech website

TCNewTech’s monthly events are made possible by support from Main Sponsor BarHopper and Supporting Sponsors like  Susan Soffredine Rauser with State Farm Insurance, Michigan’s Creative Coast, the Meg Zammit Group, and AccessPoint

Anyone with an entrepreneurial idea is encouraged to submit their ideas to TCNewTech. No idea is too big or too small – TCNewTech wants to hear it all!