Meet Our Sponsor: BarHopper Founder Jim Harvey

Like many innovations, the BarHopper App was created out of necessity. Jim Harvey was on a guy’s weekend and wanted to watch the 2018 NCAA basketball tournament with his friends but was frustrated trying to find a spot to watch the games. As the group took Ubers from bar to bar, they were hit with roadblocks like overcrowded bar, no TV, or competing events that prevented them from enjoying the games. That weekend he decided to create an app that would give up-to-date information about the happenings in an area at local bars and restaurants without having to drive there.

Jim Harvey has been a member of TCNewTech and values the community of technology-minded people like programmers, IT staff, tech companies, individuals looking for an investment opportunity, and people that like learning about new ideas. So when it was time to get the word out about the launch of the BarHopper app, he signed up to sponsor TCNewTech’s pitch events for an entire year! Harvey knows that within the TCNewTech community he will find future customers but he is also hopeful he will find beta-testers, software engineers, and mentors as he completes the build out of his idea and begins to scale. His plan is to launch in the Traverse City area in the second quarter of 2022 followed by launches in major metro markets around the state.

TCNewTech is a great organization that connects new tech ideas to people who can help support them financially, with mentorship, or with great software engineers

Jim Harvey, BarHopper Founder

If you are curious about the BarHopper App and want to know more, Jim Harvey will be giving a 5 minute presentation at TCNewTech’s pitch event on Tuesday, April 5 at the City Opera House and he will be available for questions after the event which runs from 6:00 – 7:00 PM.  Register for this free event in advance on EventBrite. If you can’t attend in person at the City Opera House, the event will be available to watch on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.