The Semi-Annual Bar Napkin Pitch Night is Back!

And it’s better than ever!

Happening on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at the City Opera House, TCNewTech will focus on ideas that are at the very earliest stage – just a kernel of an idea. Typically the ideas presented are already in the works, and well on their way to becoming reality. But for those maybe-great, early-stage, this-might-be-crazy-but-I’m-considering-it-anyway ideas — we host a Bar Napkin Pitch Night! 

The event begins with networking at 5:30pm followed by the one-minute presentations, public service announcements, and a Quick Tip, “Organize Your Chaos” by Halle Simpson and an update from past pitch presenter Gregg Terrell with LooUQ. The in-person event will also be broadcast live on TCNewTech’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels.

Here are a few of the ideas that will be shared:

  • Philip Hallstedt will share his idea for an affordable living community for the minimalist.
  • Ryan Presern has an idea for creating tech incubators throughout Michigan.
  • Agnes Jury has a vision for an online bartering marketplace.
  • Philip Leete is imagining thrilling dune rides on his dune Scooter.
  • Wayne Swallow wants your summer to be free of Swimmer’s Itch and he may have a solution.
  • Elizabeth Saunders has plans to launch a food sharing app with the goal to reduce food waste.
  • Jonathan Spungen is working on a digital marketing platform that provides big savings for consumers.
  • Christine Straley is working on a wild and wonderful education center to empower kids to be kind.
  • Willow Bay Myles-Nuffer is making a splash with her idea to bring art, ecology, and technology together in an underwater experience.

And more as the ideas are continuing to roll in! So that maybe-not-so-crazy idea you and your friends came up with over drinks could possibly be included … apply to pitch on our website or register on Eventbrite to get all the details and updates.

Thanks to our sponsors that keep our events free to attend and to present! Show them some love: Main Sponsor BarHopper and Supporting Sponsors like  Susan Soffredine Rauser with State Farm Insurance, Michigan’s Creative Coast, AccessPoint and ProFit Clean. The Meg Zammit Group for sponsoring our time on WTCM Talk 580 and Josh Hart, Commercial Insurance Manager with Burns-Wilcox Insurance for this month’s pitch prize. And our Quick Tip Educational Sponsor RJG an injection molding company.