Two TC Millenials Celebrating 10 Year Milestone

Traverse City brothers Garrett and Dakota Porter first pitched ActionGlow at TCNewTech in 2017 and today they are celebrating 10 years on their entrepreneurial journey. As teenagers, they had an idea for a lighting system for their skateboards. That one idea became a patented aftermarket LED lighting system called AfterGlow, designed to light up all types of action sports equipment. 

Four years after their first TCNewTech pitch the Porter brothers are still lighting up the sporting equipment market and preparing to expand their offerings. Over the last decade, they have traveled the world, partnered with elite brands and organizations, and had the opportunity to work with the athletes that continue to inspire them. Their product was recently used as part of a night surf session on the ABC television series, “Ultimate Surfer” by the World Surf League.

In November of 2021, the two brothers returned to the TCNewTech stage to deliver an exciting update and answer questions from the audience on their progress and plans for expansion. Ron Jolly of WTCM 580 Talk Radio talked with the two millennials about their startup experience.

They are still scaling the company by selling direct to consumers but they are looking to move into the B2B retail space. The next step is to update their product and develop a simplified inventory system for retailers. The update will include the ability to change the light color from your phone. Watch for ActionGlow 2 and further brand building.