A Wide Variety Of Bar Napkin Idea Pitches

TCNewTech’s event on Tuesday, December 7th will be the very first event of 2021 to include only Bar Napkin Ideas. Typically the ideas presented at TCNewTech are already in the works, and well on their way to becoming reality. But for those maybe-great, early-stage, this-might-be-crazy-but-I’m-considering-it-anyway ideas — we have Bar Napkin Pitch Night! Selected applicants are brought on stage to share their innovative idea and a chance to win the $500 cash prize sponsored by 4Front Credit Union.

“The idea for the Bar Napkin pitch is to lower the barrier for entry for entrepreneurs, but also to give a platform for those innovators that have ideas in the back of a drawer that they just haven’t had a chance to work on and maybe need to partner with someone to get it launched.”

Jennifer Szunko, TCNewTech Executive Director

The rules are simple, you get one slide and one minute (60-seconds) to pitch your idea. After everyone has pitched there will be an opportunity to mingle for one-on-one conversations with the presenters.

Here is our lineup of presenters:

1. Ryan Presern has 3 ideas to share but tonight he will be focusing on an app that silences your phone when you walk onto a golf course, funeral home, movie theater, theater, opera house, hospital, or any place that needed ringer is turned off would automatically turn your phone to vibrate.

2. John Pennypacker Young of Traverse City has created a video search engine designed for those with thousands of hours of video to search for specific topics. A time-saving tool for education, law enforcement, lawyers, medical personnel, filmmakers, and others.

3. Traverse City-based Jamie Leigh Kramer of Beyond Forests has an idea for a sustainable alternative to cemeteries that will change the way we grieve, connect, and heal.

4. Bruce Thompson of Urbaneer has an idea to build compact, modular homes using patented space optimization components. The homes are designed, manufactured, and marketed as a “product” vs. construction project. Bruce is currently based in Grand Rapids but looking to relocate to Traverse City.

5. Loghan Call & Roman Albaugh of Audacia Elixirs are committed to radically shifting the notion of what a healthier drinking culture can look like by creating a line of zero-proof spirits crafted to rival the complexity, taste, and presentation of a traditional cocktail. Traverse City-based and looking for resources and connections that will facilitate the launch and production of their product.

6. Ty Schmidt of Good Works Labs is preparing to launch a new business that reimagines how organizations drive impact through social issues like climate, health, and mobility. Traverse City-based and seeking investors, mentors, partners, and team members.

7. Kathy Grinsteiner of EverGROWTH Consulting is looking to launch a 4-month facilitator-led cohort-based program that will utilize resources to stimulate discussion with a focus on advancing racial equity and belonging. This program would kick off in March and be offered free of charge. They are seeking funding to cover the hosting costs.

In addition to our new pitches, we will hear from a startup that pitched in 2016, Interactive Aerial, with an update on their current status.

Plus, a representative from HP will be presenting a very special offer for TCNewTech’s Early Adopters (including 3 free laptops and all the giz to go with it!).

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