Bringing Back Bar Napkin Idea Pitches

Innovators, inventors, and other out-of-the-box thinkers pitch their Bar Napkin Ideas and connect with the resources needed to launch.

Did you know that successful companies like Slack, HubSpot, Twitter were started as an idea for a solution to a problem? Just an idea that became someone’s side project. Do you have a great business idea or invention but never got around to working on it? It’s time to take that first step by pitching your idea to the TCNewTech audience during our Bar Napkin Pitch Night on December 7th at The City Opera House.

Join the TCNewTech Community on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, at the City Opera House for our next Bar Napkin Idea Pitch Event.

The Bar Napkin Pitch only happens twice a year. Selected applicants are brought on stage to give a one-minute one-slide pitch of their innovative idea and a chance to win the $500 cash prize sponsored by 4Front Credit Union.

In general, the projects presented at TCNewTech are already in the works, and well on their way to becoming reality. But what about those maybe-great, early-stage, this-might-be-crazy-but-I’m-considering-it-anyway ideas? For those, we have Bar Napkin Pitch Night!

Any idea—product, company, app, community service project, whatever—is welcome. The rules are simple, you get one slide and one minute (60-seconds) to pitch your idea (we’re serious. no exceptions.). After everyone has pitched there will be an opportunity to mingle for one-on-one questions and answers.

To get signed up, simply fill out the short form on our website to be placed in the lineup.


5:30 PM EST – Networking & Cash Bar

6:00 PM EST – Bar Napkin Idea Pitches

7:15 PM EST – More Networking

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Alternatively, you can watch via our TCNewTech LinkedIn pageFacebook page, or YouTube Channel. There is no charge to attend or to present your ideas. You must REGISTER to get updated information!


Our audience is made up of technology-minded people and consists of programmers, IT staff, people looking for opportunities for their tech company, tech companies looking for staff, individuals looking for an investment opportunity, start-up founders looking for investors, and tech geeks that just like learning about new ideas.

Bar Napkin that says "Your great idea here"