June 2021 Pitch Contest Results

Lighting Designer, an app used by film, theater, tv, and event planners, won the TCNewTech Pitch contest last Tuesday night which aired on the TCNewTech YouTube Channel and Facebook Page to a global audience. Clayton Combe has thirteen years of experience working in filmmaking and developed the Apple application as a quick and intuitive way to create overhead lighting plots, with real-time collaboration on multi-platform workspaces.

Combe’s Lighting Designer beat out three other entrepreneurs to take home the $500 cash prize, which was sponsored by 4Front Credit Union of Traverse City. Pitches were given by Reese Gallagher of Novum Automation, an engineering startup in Traverse City, Peter Price of Aradatum, a technology company in the cleantech and telecommunications sector, and Keith Evans of Great Lakes Crystal Technologies that is working to create a cost-effective resource utilizing diamonds for applications in advanced optics, detectors, electronics, and quantum technologies.

Although the presenters are at various stages of launch, the one thing most have in common is the need for funding. Clayton Combe splits his time between California and Northern Michigan and is seeking funding to scale his business. Aradatum is based in Brighton, Michigan and looking for investors to join them in scaling this emerging business. Keith Evans recently pitched his company Great Lakes Crystal Technology at The Midwest Venture Showcase as he is seeking seed funding. Reese Gallagher of Novum Automation had a slightly different ask for the audience, “As an innovative emerging business here in Northern Michigan, we’re not seeking funding for the next milestone or resources to launch a new product. We’re seeking honest feedback on our business model and opportunities to support manufacturers that keep Northern Michigan employed. If you have honest advice for us, let’s chat. If you have someone in your network that would benefit from our expertise, make an introduction or let them know we exist.” The event was Live Streamed and can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook.

After the four finalists presented their ideas and answered questions from those viewing the live stream, the audience was able to cast their vote for the best pitch via an SMS text messaging poll in which Lighting Designer was selected as the winner. TCNewTech’s 2021 Main Sponsor is Michigan Broadband Services, offering lightning-fast fiber internet in Northern Michigan.

To contact any of these entrepreneurs, please email executivedirector@tcnewtech.org .