TCNewTech Pitch Contest August 2020

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TCNewTech Pitch Contest August 2020

A cohort of entrepreneurs from Michigan Tech University in Houghton, Michigan presented at TCNewTech’s August 4th Pitch Contest as part of an initiative to strengthen the connection between MTU and the Grand Traverse Region. Three student-led “Bar Napkin Ideas” were presented along with 3 commercialized, early-stage startups with roots connecting them to MTU and the Husky Innovate program.

The “Bar Napkin” pitches last for one minute each, and the startups had five minutes to pitch their ideas, and both were followed by a five minute Q&A from the audience. Similar to the show “Shark Tank” with one exception — our audience decides which startup will receive the cash prizes by voting via text.

In 2019 representatives from Michigan Tech and community leaders in the Grand Traverse region created an initiative that included ways to partner and collaborate. They realized a strong relationship with a world-class research university would attract new businesses, entrepreneurs, and families. For Michigan Tech, a presence in the tech-forward, creative and industry-rich Grand Traverse area would attract new students, faculty, and staff to the University. 

“This special TCNewTech event will provide an excellent glimpse into innovative enterprises led by both students and faculty at Michigan Tech. The entrepreneurial energy in the Traverse City region can only benefit from stronger ties to MTU and increased awareness of Tech’s capabilities to innovate across a broad range of engineering disciplines,” said Bill Myers, chair of the Grand Traverse Area Michigan Tech Steering Committee and chief executive officer of Promethient, a Traverse City start-up that specializes in human-scaled climate control technology.

TCNewTech brings together innovative ideas with investors during monthly pitch contests typically held at the City Opera House in downtown Traverse City but since April 2020 has been held online via the StreamYard streaming platform due to the pandemic. If you would like to apply to pitch at an event, complete this short application:


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TCNewTech sponsors include Michigan Broadband Services, Susan Soffredine Rauser with State Farm Insurance, SCORE, Northern Michigan Angels, AccessPoint, Aurora Consulting, Michigan Tech University, and the Nielson Family Foundation. If you would like to support new innovations in Northern Michigan, check out our sponsorship opportunities.