TCNewTech Pitch Contest July 2020

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TCNewTech Pitch Contest July 2020

Our panel of TCNewTech judges selected the top four ideas they felt were the strongest to compete on Tuesday, July 7 for the $500 prize provided by our Pitch Prize Sponsor: The Vine Group.


These four startups had five minutes to pitch their emerging businesses to our audience of investors, city and government stakeholders, local tech professionals, media, and fellow entrepreneurs.


Agtracer:  A trust-focused, cloud-based food authenticity solution. Offering retail consumers complete traceability, transparency, authenticity, and quality in the food they eat. Agtracer allows farmers, artisan food and beverage producers, farm-to-table restaurants, food distributors and wholesalers to build brand loyalty by providing complete transparency and traceability.


PedalCell:  Creating the ultimate power source for bicyclists called CadenceX— it is unique and patented. CadenceX converts a rider’s motion into precisely controlled charging currents for lights, smartphones, GPS, and other USB devices. CadenceX can be added to nearly any bicycle in minutes. PedalCell sells CadenceX direct-to-consumer via its website, select distributors, as well as to businesses.


WaterWorks Fund:  Seeking to advance potential water solutions by introducing investors to opportunities in technology companies and projects through our online investment platform. Investors may find opportunities, startups may find capital, and potential water solutions may be accelerated. WaterWorks will be a place for people to learn about water challenges and become partners on potential water solutions by investing and owning a piece of the project or company. The WaterWorks community seeks to fix water problems that never get solved, with approaches that might have never been tried.


LoanSense: A student loan advisory that helps borrowers reduce their student loan debt burden by $4000 to $18,000. LoanSense files into federal programs that subsidize interest. We best service the 25-34 market that holds advanced degrees, work in healthcare, education, and government, and earn from $30,000 to $120,000 annually. The TurboTax of student loans with a strong two-stream revenue model.


TCNewTech brings together innovative ideas with investors during monthly pitch contests typically held at the City Opera House in downtown Traverse City but since April 2020 has been held online via the StreamYard streaming platform due to the pandemic. If you would like to apply to pitch at an event, complete this short application:


Thank You To Our Sponsors

TCNewTech sponsors include Michigan Broadband Services, Susan Soffredine Rauser with State Farm Insurance, SCORE, Northern Michigan Angels, AccessPoint, Aurora Consulting, and the Nielson Family Foundation. If you would like to support new innovations in Northern Michigan, check out our sponsorship opportunities.