TCNewTech Pitch Contest October 2020

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TCNewTech Pitch Contest October 2020

Our panel of judges selected the top five startups they felt were the strongest to compete on Tuesday, October 6, for the $500 prize provided by our Pitch Prize Sponsor: The Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation


These five startups had five minutes to pitch their emerging business to the TCNewTech audience of investors, governmental stakeholders, local tech professionals, media, and fellow entrepreneurs:


  1. Catch Software, LLC allows users to see everyone within a specific radius and operates on a micro-geolocation scale. Whether you are at a bar, club, concert, or anywhere else, Catch allows you to see the interests of others at the same location as you and make real-life first impressions easy! Catch targets the demographic of 18 to 30-year-olds with a focus on converting online connections into real-life ones.  


  1. Chalk Talk is a microblogging app for individual classrooms designed to improve communication, promote collaboration, and build teamwork. Chalk Talk works like a social media app, fostering fast, constant communication between students 


  1. Auxin Games develops engaging, fun, and educational video games for high school students to combat the major switch to online learning, as well as the difficulty of teachers accessing free, quality, and up-to-date educational resources.


  1. MEdMentor an online platform that facilitates interaction between pre-medical students and medical students in a one-on-one chatroom format. By giving the pre-medical student total control over who they interact with, MEdMentor makes it possible for undergraduate students interested in medicine to get the very best information in just a few clicks. 


  1. SKOOP’s mission is to build an array of digital tools that work to reinvent the way humans interact and engage with digital billboards in a non-intrusive way.  


After all five founders had presented, the audience had two minutes to vote via text message and they named Josh Cooper of SKOOP as the evening’s winner.



TCNewTech brings together innovative ideas with investors during monthly pitch contests typically held at the City Opera House in downtown Traverse City but since April 2020 has been held online via the StreamYard streaming platform due to the pandemic. If you would like to apply to pitch at an event, complete this short application:


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