Returning Female Founder Kim Lavine is Audience Favorite

Hypersence team members with big check
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Nearly eighty people gathered to hear innovative ideas from five startups at The City Opera House on Tuesday, March 1. Founder, Kim Lavine of Hypersence was voted the clear audience favorite to win the $500 cash prize provided by Dr. Heather Rassel of Jovia Wellness.  Lavine was returning to the TCNewTech stage after a close second place finish when she pitched to an online-only audience in December of 2020 amidst the pandemic. 

Hypersence (formerly Heugenis) is a groundbreaking wearable tech company and subscription service venture. Their flagship product MemorySPEX glasses use visual and auditory stimulation to improve cognitive function (like memory, enhance mood, reduce depression, increase focus) and slow the aging process.While waiting for the completion of their clinical trials and FDA approval, Hypersence has rebranded and has relaunched in the “general wellness” category which requires no oversight.  

Hypersence has enlisted a nationally-respected neurologist, Dr. Jay Kumar, to conduct their clinical trial. He is very excited about the prospect of using MemorySPEX to treat multiple neurological conditions beyond memory loss, including dementia and long-tail Covid.. Existing research demonstrates the efficacy of their patent-pending technology. Kim Lavine has been pioneering applications for stroboscopic technology in consumer, military and medical markets for over 5 years.  The drugstore chain, CVS, recently approached Lavine with interest in selling her product in their 10,000 stores. Kim Lavine has sold best selling products into almost every retailer in America and even wrote a bestselling book about it, MOMMY MILLIONAIRE. With regards to the interest from CVS Lavine says, “I’ve never experienced this level of interest from a major retailer before. In fact, I didn’t foresee having this goal accomplished for at least another year. “ They are forecasting a multi-billion dollar 5-year exit and looking for investors.

In addition to Hypersence, pitches were given by Ivan Assenov of Acenji, Salvatore Vilardi of Engineered4Life, Ramona Fellmy of HelloFiv, and Brett Sinclair of SonderDEI. 

Here is a brief overview of the other four presenters:

CEO and Founder Ivan Assenov presented Acenji, a no-code software that reduces development costs, enables complex workflow via declarative software language. By allowing integration of multiple applications into a user’s experience, ACENji weaves complex tasks together. This enables more sophisticated apps to be created, yet still without the need to write a single line of code. Additionally, they seek to establish 4 strategic revenue streams: SaaS subscription service, strategic partnerships, a marketplace, and the creation of their own products. The company is post-MVP and raising a $1.5m seed round.

Salvatore Vilardi of Engineered4Life is a medical modeling service provider. Through the use of cutting edge software and state of the art rapid prototyping technologies they can provide simulation and surgical planning tools for Spinal Surgeons. These tools enhance the method of selecting the proper pedicle screw during a TLIF (a contemporary spinal fusion procedure). The software platform will also provide analytics that the surgeon can use to predict the range of motion to be restored to the patient and provide better surgical planning. Engineered4Life is seeking initial seed funding along with collaborative spinal surgeons.

Tech female founder and CTO Ramona Fellmy has a technology platform for the InsurTech business called Hello FIV and she is looking to create awareness and raise $500k in financing. Hello Fiv is a digital solutions technology which offers frictionless experiences for the insurance agencies and their producers.  With their industry expertise Hello Fiv is able to help agencies and advisors solve core issues with managing day-to-day activities of their products and clients.  

Local DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion)expert, Brett Sinclair has launched, an action network for the Grand Traverse Region. He is looking to create awareness and raise startup capital to build and maintain the digital infrastructure of the organization. The group’s network includes 123 individuals and 85 organizations that are actively collaborating to foster real systemic diversity and equity inclusion change in the region. Most notably, an interactive systems map and the digital tools to strengthen the work of the network.

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