TCNewTech Kicks Off 2022 With Health & Wellness Pitch Event

WellBeing Connect’s mobile application was the audience favorite at the TCNewTech Health & Wellness pitch event on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. The application uses intelligent algorithms to match clients, professionals, and venues, and once matched allows for clear communications and easy payments. Co-founders Katherine Palms and Brian Cloud took home the $500 prize provided by Shift Chiropractic. Currently, the pair have completed their wireframes and are ready for the core development of the app.  They have secured launch partners from the community of wellness professionals and venues intend to launch later this year once they secure their first round of investments.  

A small TCNewTech’s audience of about 30 people watched the event together on the big screen at Middle Coast Brewing Company while another 100-plus found ways to make connections through the chatbox on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

After the five entrepreneurs presented their ideas to the hybrid audience, they answered questions about their companies and awaited the contest’s results, cast by people online and in-person via SMS text messaging poll. In addition to pitches from WellBeing Connect, pitches were given by a PFAS-focused R&D integrator, a local doctor with technology to reduce the transmission of airborne pathogens, a patent-pending analytics engine that helps patients achieve individualized micro-treatments, and a bathroom deodorizing system called No More Mr. Stinko. All are seeking funding, engineering, design, programming, or some other form of collaboration.

If you would like to connect with any of these companies, contact Jennifer Szunko at executivedirector@tcnewtech.

Dennis Nash, IndividuALLytics Inc.: Helping doctors help more patients with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) get better faster using a high accuracy SaaS AI decision support engine.

Chuck Meek, SolvePFAS, L3C : A PFAS-focused R&D integrator leveraging complementary resources from academia (universities, national labs), industry, and private capital (impact investors, philanthropy, foundations). 

Kevin Pezzi, MD, IdeaTeem, Inc.: Technology that can reduce the transmission of all airborne pathogens by over 99%.

Bradley Finkbeiner of Auto Glass America: A serial inventor that has a patent on an idea for a bathroom deodorizing system that connects your toilet to an exhaust fan to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.  

TCNewTech is a nonprofit organization intended to energize a community of entrepreneurs by showcasing new tech ideas and facilitating connections at their monthly pitch contests with the end goal of expediting the launch of startups in Northern Michigan. Anyone with an entrepreneurial idea is encouraged to submit their ideas to TCNewTech. No idea is too big or too small – TCNewTech wants to hear it all! The Pitch Selection Committee is already considering applications for the February 1st event.

“Although we are hoping to bring back our regular in-person audience in February, we will be closely monitoring the local Covid situation. Location announcements will be made on social media and by email to those that register on EventBrite”.

Jennifer szunko, tcnewtech executive director

TCNewTech sponsors include Main Sponsor the BarHopper app, and the following Supporting Sponsors Susan Soffredine Rauser with State Farm Insurance, SCORE, Northern Michigan Angels, Michigan’s Creative Coast, and AccessPoint.

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