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TCNewTech January 8, 2018

January 8 @ 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In addition to regularly-scheduled TCNewTech programming, edition features pitches from:

  1. Arroyo Networks
    INFLOW is an AI-driven cloud-native network security solution that allows SMBs to upgrade their networks with a modern, unified, and proactive cloud security. By extending the edges of their networks with INFLOW, users are able to apply advanced network security functions (SDSec) without the need to invest additional capital in expensive hardware appliances. Best of all, users can simply turn on additional functions as their defense needs increase, enabling features such as VPNs, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Phishing Protection, SD-WAN techniques, and much more!

  2. Spark in the Dark
    Spark in the Dark is a thriving Northern Michigan nonprofit that is changing the way that help is received in the community. They work to connect individuals in need directly with individuals that are able to help them within the community. Founded unofficially in 2015 and recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2017, they were able to connect approximately 12,000 situations to solutions in 2017 alone. Currently, Spark in the Dark has just under 9000 members, and we are growing by around 300 members per month, while denying around 300-400 due to location. 

  3. CalcuSaver
    Winner of the 2018 Congressional App Challenge, CalcuSaver was created and designed to be used as an incognito way to send for help for whenever the user is in an uncomfortable situation. Disguised as a calculator, the app allows its users to feel at ease in any situation  knowing that they can use a math equation to alert their loved one that they are in danger. By typing in their name, calculator code, and their emergency contact’s phone number, their account is ready. The app is a fully-functional calculator, but once the user‘s calculator’s output equals the user’s calculator code, a text message is sent to the emergency contact with the user’s name and a message saying that the user in an uncomfortable situation. 

  4. Freelance TC
    Freelance TC connects freelance and remote workers with employers, co-working spaces, and resources to encourage a collaborative and mutually beneficial community. By providing a collaborative network of employers and essential services, we can help attract, cultivate, and retain this growing workforce to Traverse City for the benefit of the entire community.

  5. ATLAS Space Explorers Post 2025
    The ATLAS Space Explorers Post 2025 is sponsored by ATLAS Space Operations. Members  are local students with an interest in learning more about careers in space technology. The program models the practices of a high-end startup tech company, including pitching to potential investors. In addition to the technical experience Explorers gain, they also learn the business side of launching a simulated satellite into the stratosphere. They are looking to raise money to purchase equipment, and to fund program management and participation in various space-related forums. 

If you would like to present your technology related product or service at a future meeting, please submit you request via the form on the pitch request page linked at https://www.tcnewtech.org/pitch-request/  

For additional information you can contact tcnewtech.org@gmail.com with TCNewTech in the subject line and a brief description of your question or request.


January 8
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm


City Opera House
106 E. Front Street
Traverse City, Michigan 49684 United States
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