Bringing the Brightest & Best to Michigan

Recently, Camille Hoisington, a TCNewTech Board member and the head of Strategic Projects at Traverse Connect, was invited to speak on a panel for Michigan House Creative at SXSW 2021. In a changing world where work can increasingly be done anywhere, the cities and places with the greatest concentrations of talent tend to excel at economic growth. The most creative individuals want to live in places that prize diversity and offer an abundance of natural beauty and cultural opportunities.

“How do we market the experience of living in these places and entice new residents to come and live and work in Michigan?” was the question set before the panel which was opened by Michigan’s Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II.

The engaging Anindita P. from Ann Arbor SPARK moderated the panel which included Tifini McClyde-Blythe of Interlochen Center for the Arts, Ryan Hundt with Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and Joe Thiel from Innovate Marquette, along with TCNewTech’s board member Camille Hoisington with Traverse Connect.

Michigan House was born out of a SXSW event in 2015 but has since become a year-round catalyst for the state’s innovators and creatives. Check-out what the panelists had to say about strategies to reach new talent across the US and internationally in this video from SXSW 2021.

TCNewTech proudly presents a board in partnership with Traverse Connect’s Creative Coast talent attraction initiative which highlights the Grand Traverse Region as an exceptional place to live, explore, and fulfill a career. For a current listing of higher-paying jobs in the Traverse City region, visit our Job Board.