Welcome New Board Member

Bill Palladino, Founder and Principal Consultant, Krios Consulting

The purpose and mission of TCNewTech is to energize a community of entrepreneurs by showcasing new ideas and facilitate connections that will expedite the launch of startups in Northern Michigan. We are excited to welcome new board member, Bill Palladino, who will help us accomplish our vision for a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs and tech startups. Bill was appointed to fill a vacancy that was created when a long time board member moved out of the area. TCNewTech is very fortunate to have him join our team.

Describe your professional background.

My background is varied and multi-layered. Like many of us, the career that I carefully mapped out in college (broadcast journalism) morphed over the decades into something unexpected. For the past 32 years, I’ve lived in the world of consulting, coaching, and training. Along the way, I’ve started numerous companies and served in executive and managerial roles. While I consider myself a serial entrepreneur, I keep finding my way back to help others build and grow their businesses. My focus areas today include change management, innovation, ethics, and positive psychology. I’ve developed a niche in partnering with some of the world’s best-selling business authors and thought-leaders to turn their intellectual property into workshops and consulting services. My client list includes Fortune 500 companies, tech businesses, healthcare, regional governments, school systems, and local businesses.

What inspired you to join the TCNewTech board?

I’ve hovered around the tech entrepreneur community since my days as a broadcast engineer and later while directing a regional office of Michigan’s Small Business Development Centers. Today, as a traveling consultant, my biggest challenge is finding ways to contribute to my home community. Serving on TCNewTech’s board allows me to apply my skills and knowledge to help the people who will build a new economy for the Traverse region. I am honored to play a small role in that legacy.

Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun?

I’m an avid cyclist, outdoor adventurer, and sourdough bread baker. Northern Michigan provides me with many opportunities to satisfy all of these passions. When I’m not in motion outdoors or in the kitchen, you can usually find me volunteering with area nonprofits or renovating old houses.