Attracting Talent to The Creative Coast

Traverse Connect recently launched a talent attraction website – Michigan’s Creative Coast – to highlight the lifestyle and career opportunities in the Grand Traverse Region.  One of the primary functions of the website is to serve as a place for people to find family-sustaining career options and to help our local companies recruit new talent.  

TCNewTech and Traverse Connect share a common goal to support small businesses through the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship, the expansion of the local tech and startup industry, talent attraction and retention, and increased economic investment in our Region.  Together the two organizations have entered into a partnership to launch a job board powered by the TrueJob platform. TrueJob is a powerful and strategic tool for economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, and member associations to provide great value to the people they serve. Early in their launch, the founders of TrueJob pitched their idea at TCNewTech’s February 2016 monthly pitch event. 

 The job board is free for all local businesses to use and there are no complicated forms, just a simple interface that only asks for the essentials. Employers can create an account and get the following benefits:

  • Promotion: ThroughTraverse Connect’s Creative Coast marketing initiative there will be extensive marketing.
  • Analytics and tracking: the TrueJob platform key metrics are tracked, including how many job seekers have viewed or clicked ‘Apply’ on job postings.
  • Applicant Tracking System: the TrueJob platform allows companies to accept and review applicants. 
  • Support and troubleshooting: The team at TrueJob (the host platform) is based in Michigan and available to assist with any technical issues.

A high-quality showcase of key employers and job opportunities can be a change-maker when a newcomer is considering a move to our region.  

As a key component to the talent attraction strategy, the Creative Coast Job Board’s list of jobs is intentionally not exhaustive for our area and the job board page does provide links to other local job boards (Michigan Works, 20Fathoms, etc.). 

The Creative Coast job board is designed for job postings that pay a minimum of $22/hour or $45,000/year. The curation of the Creative Coast job board is defined around pay rate parameters to ensure alignment with Traverse Connect’s mission which is: to encourage the growth of family-sustaining careers in the Grand Traverse Region. The definition of a family-sustaining hourly pay rate and annual salary for the Grand Traverse Region has been determined using metrics established by the ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) metrics, the Michigan League for Public Policy, and MIT’s Living Wage Calculator

A curated, robust, and well-promoted job board will improve the size and quality of the talent pool for everyone in the Grand Traverse Region. Employers and job-seekers can view the Job Board on either the TCNewTech or Michigan’s Creative Coast websites then start using the job board right away by signing up here.