Thank you for your interest in sponsoring future TCNewTech meet-ups! Your contribution helps our organization facilitate networking and interaction among technology entrepreneurs in the region in the hopes of making Traverse City the next Midwestern tech hub.


Attendee Demographics

The TCNewTech audience includes programmers, IT staff, companies looking for technical staff and/or product opportunities, individuals looking for investment opportunity, start-up founders looking for investors, individuals looking for tech jobs, and tech enthusiasts that enjoy learning about new offerings. Local government and media representatives may also be in attendance.

TCNewTech’s Reach

  • TCNewTech social media posts & web page (4500 avg. monthly views)     

  • Email & PR promotions (2400+ subscribers)

  • Highlight sponsor & material handouts at the event (200+ avg. monthly attendees)

  • Facebook live stream (1700+ views and followers)

  • YouTube Channel live stream (150+ subscribers)

  • Monthly Segment on WTCM 580 AM Talk Radio